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Saturday, April 23, 2005

5 more weeks to go!

I cannot recall another time in my life where I have worked harder. Definitely never for my SPM (equivalent of 'O' levels). Neither for my 'A' levels.

The past 2 months have been a very hectic time. But it is the write up of the report that kills you, especially during the final week before the deadline. For the last 3 days before the deadline, I believe that I managed to get a grand total of 8 hours sleep. It was not as good as Mir, the lucky fella managed to grab 9 hours a night, but certainly much better than two other friends: one of them had difficulty breathing and suffered from double vision due to her tiredness from lack of sleep, and another friend went with only a grand total of 2 hours of sleep out of 80 hours. Ouch!

But what really bugged me were two things: I had 'finished' my project the day before and had binded it, when during the evening I was flipping through and realised I had forgotten something. It was a big enough change that I only managed to grab 3 hours of sleep the same day.

The second was that I was searching for a ruler in the middle in the night; needing to measure the gradient of a couple of graphs. But I just couldn't find one. Dammit. I spent 20 minutes looking for one desperately. Just a few nights previously I had one on top of the subwoofer. But no good. I eventually managed to settle it though, using very enlarged graphs with a fine axis, and it was all handed in yesterday afternoon. I swear that when I eventually clear my room properly, 10 rulers would pop up from nowhere.

Only five weeks more to go!! Woohooo.... or urgh, I do not know.


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