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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Paintball 4/5

Bought another 150 painballs. Muahaha. Fast getting broke.

Scene 5: Bridge

Either team has to retrieve the bomb from the middle of their base and plant it in the opponent's base. A muddy trench ran alongside the length of the battlefield, and it was very very muddy overall.

Tactics: We agreed to sacrifice two people to quickly run forward and retrieve the bomb before slowly advancing forward.

Round 1: Two people ran forward, one with a gun, to retreive the bomb. We got it! Slowly pushed it forward, passing from person to person and from cover to cover. Tried to take out a couple of enemies hiding on the other side of the bridge. Could have sworn one was hit, but most probably s/he was cheating.

Eventually the bomb was passed to me. We were almost halfway to the opposite side, on the right flank. While pinning the enemy down, I quickly dashed forward to the next cover in front. So far so good. Enemies notice that I am carrying the bomb and try to take me out the moment i let even an inch of myself get exposed from cover. A teammate then ran forward to draw fire while I moved forward to the next tree. Shite! It was too narrow. Bullets kept raining down on me, and eventually I got hit on the shoulder. Urgh!

Lifted my arms to show I was dead, and shouted to my teammates to tell them I was dead and to continue. When at the dead zone: 'Urgh!!! The paintball didn't burst! I could have continued!'
Yellow managed to retrieve the bomb and made a dash for our base, but were denied.

Round 2: Again, we retrieved the bomb first. Focused on the right flank. Managed to push until we were just over half the length, when D and me were pinned down by F. A 6 minute battle with the two us on our bellies and F hiding behind a tree ensued. Eventually we took him out. Noticed that an enemy had passed our flank and had his side fully exposed near the bridge and took him out. However the silly ang moh fella got so mad and shouted back at his team 'Who the fuck is shooting at my arse?!?!?!'. Stupid idiot. SURRENDER LA YOU'VE BEEN KILLED.

No idea what else happened on the other parts of the battlefield though.

Cumulative score: A draw.


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