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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Paintball 1/5

Woke up early in the morning, 6.30am to be precise

8am on the bus:

D: Eh, these 5 people fong fei kei (abandoned) us ah?
L: Looks like it....
In the bus: 'Hoi! Group harimau (tiger) looks fiercer than kuda belang! (zebra)'
*Team rearrangement*

Arrived at the Delta Force paintball centre at 9.15am, seeing a triple decked vehicle transporter along the way

Registered, used VIP tickets, got our one piece black coveralls, face masks and 100 paintballs.

'Not enough lah!'
*Proceed to purchase 5000 paintballs for 250GBP for 12 people, and returnable deposits for 'battlepacks' to carry paintballs with*

'Muahahaha..... 516 paintballs to start with!' *Fills up battle pack and the remainder into the hopper*
'Tiu... bloody balls falling out from the hopper'

*Everyone present gets divided into two teams, blue and yellow; plenty of Brits*

Marshal: Okay guys! Attention! *Bla bla safety rules.... do not fire too close.... hurts like mad... etc etc etc* Each scene has 2 ten minute rounds with teams swapping sides after each round
'Head shots do not count!!!!!' *Awwwwwwww....*

*Enter area and obtain paintball guns; affix hopper to gun*

Scene 1: Jungle assault

Plenty of wood cutouts spread out, reasonable tree cover throughout. Some mud.

Tactic: Split into teams of two, and push forward on all sides

Didn't dare to adopt tactics like crawling on belly, etc. Kena shot at within 4 minutes. Urgh! .
Arghghghgh sprained thumb. Cannot remember if it was because I was propping myself up to get stability while falling, or whether a damn paintball hit my thumb.

Repeat: Lasted 8 minutes before running out of bullets. Decided not to reload so gave up.

Blue leads!

p.s. no pics. no one brought a camera because we thought there would be no lockers, and getting your camera smashed by flying paintballs is a bad, bad idea


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