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Monday, March 28, 2005

Interview with earthquake 'survivor'

The following is an interview with a survivor, a young sexy lady who resides somewhere in the Klang Valley

P: What were you doing before the tremors struck?
L: I was sitting down painting my artwork.

P: What happened?
L: Suddenly I felt my my whole body shaking.... my chair and myself were shaking.. later on, my table and the cup of water on it and the floor as well. *winces*

P: What was your first thought?
L: I thought to myself,"What the fuck.. dont tell me there is going to be another tsunami or earthquake in Selangor or Kuala Lumpur"

P: What did you do immediately?
L: Nothing. I was frozen. I just sat until it was all over.

P: How about other people?
L: I heard people screaming and car alarms went off!

P: People screaming? Do you stay in a house or a high rise?
L: In a little dainty house

P: Was it powerful enough that anything fell?
L: Nope, but I felt that it was quite powerful....

P: Did anything manage to move?
L: My cup of water did... a few centimetres

Thank you to the sweet young thing for participating :D


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