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Friday, March 18, 2005

What's in the pocket of a lab coat?

Random stuff that from my experience can be found in the pockets of lab coats, in random order:

Pens (cheap and expensive)
Pencils (wooden and mechanical)
Floppy disks (I almost lost a few day's worth of research because I forgot about mine argh!)
Rulers (metal and wooden and plastic)
Sample bottles
Plastic pipettes and Gilson pipette tips
Paper (all kinds, from filter to scrap to notepad to graph)

But the worst of all has to be used tissues. Its absolutely disgusting when you stick your hands into the pockets and feel the tell tale feel of dry tissue crumpled into a ball. Goodness knows what bodily fluids, or even poisonous chemicals have come into contact with the tissue, Yuck yuck.


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