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Friday, February 11, 2005

Halal bacon

There is a small fast food franchise in town called Southern Fried Chicken (people in Malacca should recognize that!). The franchise here was taken over by Arabs sometime early last year, and serves halal fare.

But wait a minute! The menu states
'Chicken fillet burger
........ with cheese
........ with bacon (!)'

How could a place be halal and still serve bacon at the same time?!

Hence I asked the guy serving me one day:

'Excuse me, I was just curious, how do you manage to be halal and yet serve bacon?'

The Arabic guy: 'Oh, we don't use bacon'
'Wait, I show you'

He opened the fridge, and took out a plastic container with.... processed turkey slices
'The people here, they like bacon, so we change it'

Interesting, I wonder if grilled processed turkey slices taste similar to grilled real bacon.


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