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Friday, January 21, 2005

My gym / Holiday love handles blues

For the past few visits at the gym, I noticed that it was extremely busy, that 90% of the cardio machines would be taken at the usual time I visit, as well as most of the weight resistance machines (there would be usually no more than 15 people in the gym from my observations from October to December).

Quick stats about my gym: They have 7 rowing machines, 16 treadmills, 16 cycling machines in 2 configurations, 16 cross trainers, 2 stepping machines and a hand-driven cycling machine. In addition, there are 2 weight resistance machines for each of the following: Assisted push/ chin ups, leg curl, hip abduction/ abduction, shoulder press, chest press, seated row, leg extension, et cetera. An area for stretching/ tummy based work outs. Plus another area for pumping iron. A picture of the rower machine and stretching area can be seen here. No pictures allowed to be taken without permission, sorry peeps.

I was arranging for my progress assessment with my trainer when I asked him:

'Is it just me, or are there plenty of people who joined the gym all of the sudden?'
'Oh, its just a momentary thing. It happens every January, all of the sudden there would be a huge influx of people that would drop off along the year'
'Ah... people trying to burn off the holiday season fat'
'Yup, and also those who make New Year resolutions'
'It happens in gyms all over the world at this time'

The question is: how many people have the tenacity and perseverance in keeping their New Year's resolution, especially those which need more dedication like working out?


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