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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Attempted rip-off!

One of the things I did when I was in London was to take advantage of the January sales (what else!). Didn't have much of a choice because I had to wait a few hours between the end of my GRE and to catch the train back (due to peak train hours).

I stopped by at Selfridges to take a look around. I saw t-shirts for a certain brand going quite cheap, so I tried on one and decided to grab it. The price tags were going for 27GBP, but the way the staff had written the GBP sign was rather dodgy, as I found out later when I paid for it at the sports apparel section:

"That would be one hundred and twenty seven pounds please."
"Excuse me? But I believe that reads twenty seven"
"You'd better take it back to Brand X"

So back to Brand X, where the staff agreed with me that the tags should read 27 and not 127, and I proceeded to pay for my item there.

The misleading pricetag:


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