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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Random scab formation (Warning: might be too graphic for some)

Ever had one of those moments when you happened to pick up a cut without realising it until you run your hand down your leg/ arm and felt a sticky mass that shouldn't be there? I had one such moment earlier, when I ran a hand down my right leg and bumped into something hard and gooey. It was a scary looking scab clotting on the outside of a cut I had somehow obtained without realising. I plucked it out, but it grew back again in a couple of hours:

The second scab formation in almost all its glory (lacks focus due to poor fluorescent lighting)

With flash, to give the gooey effect of the semi-clotted, still running blood.

Removed the scab again, I won't gross you people anymore than I already have by taking a picture of it and putting it up. Wonder how I'm going to get good sleep shortly without staining the bed, considering I need the services of my duvet in this weather, and the blood is still oozing out.


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