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Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Malaysian mentality

Problem: My flight was delayed twice throughout the day
Reason? Incompetance on the part of AirAsia
Acceptable? Yes. 'Cheap flights mah.'
Oh? I didn't have that problem with RyanAir
Well... this is Malaysia!

Problem: Disgusting manners at roundabouts
Reason? Malaysian driving attitudes; coffee licenses
How do they deal with it? Encouragment via bribes; shutting down vital roundabouts and routes
Oh? If they drive like that here they'd be banned for life
Well... this is Malaysia!!

Problem: Taxi drivers not using meters
Reason: 'Meter spoilt!'
Acceptable? 'Aiya.. fixed rate la boss (paying RM10 for a journey that costs RM6 on the meter)'
Oh? They would get disciplined immediately without a meter here
Well... this is Malaysia!!!

What do the three scenarios (and even more!) have in common? The Malaysian mentality. If I dare to make comparisons with the UK (which I incidentally I will point out that I have the right to do so, having lived and experienced life here for the past two years), that is the reply I would get.

Dammit people, listen up. You may pay for cheap flights, but that does NOT mean it is acceptable for them to toss you around with the departure times. Yes, you should expect less bells and whistles, but the basic service of getting to your destination on time is something that should EXPECTED.

I hate it when you assholes utterly block the roundabouts or turnings because of your selfishness. It is fine if you have an emergency; but if you do it because you're supposed to save what, 20 seconds off your journey (but ends up being 25 minutes because you're an asshole). And if an ambulance is racing to save a life? Idiots.

And I hate it when you people just shrug your shoulders and say 'that's Malaysia for you' when you have simply no acceptable explanation for the lack of things being done to rectify these shortcomings. Powerless? Please. If enough people can form a collective opinion on the contrary, the fat cats will have to do something about it.

It is as if you're saying that all these shortcomings are simply acceptable behaviour. Its a stupid way to shift the blame of inefficiency and cronyism and corruption and going 'its our lifestyle'. Hell yea, fine, you could say that. But it would never have been part of a 'lifestyle' if you didn't allow it to creep in to begin with.

Look, fine, I accept that these stuff does happen. It happens everywhere around the world. But it doesn't mean that you adopt it into your lifestyle!! When everyone starts doing so, that is where the problem begins.

I'm annoyed because A&W has deteriorated a lot over the past decade. Same with KFC. Why? Because the damn quality control for them have been handed over to certain priviledged locals with special links. So now we have pathetic food from A&W and chicken 50% the size it used to be. Etc etc. If enough people make a ruckus for transparency the government would be forced to do something about it. But nooooooo. 'what to do... Malaysia la'.

And some of you wonder why I complain a lot?


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