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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Origins of Chinese?

Once upon a time ago, one of the pastors at my old church did a little presentation for his sermon. It was on the history of the Chinese language. Apparently we could relate certain words in the traditional Chinese language to scripture....

For example, the word 'migrate' is a combination of the chinese words 'great', 'division', 'walk', and 'west'. A reflection of the great dispersion of mankind after the tower of Babel. Et cetera.

Or how the word 'first' in Chinese is a combination of the three words 'alive' 'dust' and 'man' (representing Adam, the first man, who was made of dust)

Or how the character 'righteousness' in chinese is a combination of the words 'sheep' (Jesus is also known as the Lamb of God) and 'me'

Or how 'large ship' comes from the words 'eight', 'person' and 'boat', as a reminder of the eight people God saved during the Great Flood (Noah, his wife, three sons and their wives).

And so on. Maybe its best to take a look here:

To my best knowledge of Mandarin (which is almost pathetic, truth be told), I can say that the words that I know which are featured in there do make sense. I am also aware that this can inflame certain people (a friend of fine immediately shot it down within a few seconds saying that the English used was wrong or something. Refused to clarify with me though).

Anyhow, I think that this is really thought-provoking.

p.s. Thanks to Mel for the link, without which I probably would not have remembered any of this at all.


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