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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Winds of Change

Over the past couple of months, I have been struggling to decide the path of my future career. I was at the crossroads: which Masters do I want to do? I just couldn't decide what to do. Fortunately my friends reminded me to call on the Holy Spirit for guidance. After so much undecisiveness, I had somehow made a decision: I was going to forsake doing my Masters in chemical engineering and instead, do a Bachelors. I know some are, and were, shocked, especially when I told them 'I'm changing courses'.

Well, its not that dramatic, all I'm doing is changing from a Masters to a Bachelors. Somehow I can feel myself getting distanced from engineering, whereas on the other hand, I seem to be more interested in doing something commerce based. Therefore for the time being, I intend to do a different Masters next year: in management. I've seen doors being opened for me: my father said that he would support (he even encourages me) me to do the MSc in Management. I'm finding the economics and management unit of my course to be enjoyable, even so much more so that my engineering units.

And for my optional unit, I may actually get to do my unit in Accounting and Finance, which my Director of Studies is discouraging me from doing (because I'm too 'smart' for that, being third year and all that mumbo jumbo). However, the lecturer for that course volunteered to speak to my DoS for me. I know I'm on my way to making it.


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