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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Triple figure CD?

How many of you would pay RM200 for a pirated CD program? That was the mad price quoted to me by the storeowner of a small dodgy store in Low Yat Plaza when I was looking for a certain piece of engineering software.

Naturally, my first reaction was "OMG what the hell." "Very difficult to get this program, that's why we need to sell it for this price." Since countless other stores did not carry that particular piece of software, and I have been looking for it since last year, I was preparing myself to part with the ridiculous amount of money, eventhough my logical being was tugging me away.

Finally after a couple of minutes of pondering I decided to put it on hold, and continued on with my search. Store assistant after store assistant pointed me towards their engineering software section the moment 'excuse me, I'm looking for engineering....' were barely uttered. Silly people wouldn't even help potential buyers, so I would either walk out or spend time flipping through the CDs in vain.

At last I chanced upon a store (for some reason they had NFSU:2 CDs for display?!!?) and asked the friendly and helpful owner for assistance. To my great relief he informed me that he had just received the program I was looking for, and the best bit was that he was selling it to me for RM5 per CD. Wooot! Although I have to wait till Monday to get it since he hadn't burnt any copies yet, but heck, its all good :)


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