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Monday, September 13, 2004

Huff puff

I've recently taken up jogging once again, putting the then dusty treadmill to good use after some time of neglect. On the first try itself I managed to muster one kilometre in around twenty minutes, then raised it up to one mile, and now to two kilometres. Learnt the painful way that one should wear jogging shoes because the padding on the treadmill is non existant.

Why at home instead of the neighbourhood? Well, first of all is that I already have a treadmill at home, so I might as well use it. Secondly is because I don't exactly know how far I would have jogged if I did around the neighbourhood, and what if I needed to get home quickly in case of an emergency? Besides, I do not have to take into account the rain and the hot sun. And the ease of being able to simply step off the treadmill for a few seconds to get a swig of some isotonic drink then getting back on.

To be honest I'm surprised I could even last the first kilometre, since I used to be quite a lazy bum, and my aching knees were screaming out for respite. However a quick prayer for perseverance and discipline did wonders into helping me endure the torture. Hehe :p

The plus point is that I'm not so lethargic mentally these days, however my limbs (especially the knees) do take a beating, but I suppose it'd get better as my muscles grow accustomed to more brutality. Ironically, it feels good to sweat considering I hate it when my clothes cling stickily to my body.


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