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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Integrity Integrated Into Corruption

Woot.. For the first time ever I've received a summons for speeding. Hardly surprising I guess, I used to speed like crazy last time, but have cut down quite a bit. After all, we shouldn't hurry and rush things in life, unless absolutely necessary.

Setting: Sprint Highway heading to Desa Sri Hartamas
Time: 2.40pm

My first reaction on seeing the roadblock was of surprise (you usually don't get roadblocks on a Sunday). Then I thought that it was more of a check for get away criminals or something, till I noticed a policeman observing car number plates and a notebook and gesturing at them whether to move on or to pull aside. No prizes for guessing who got lucky.

M: *lowered window* ya encik? (yes uncle?)

P: kat mana kamu pergi cepat? (where are you going in a hurry?)

M: *excuse mode* nak lawat nenek saya la bang, dia sakit (on the way to visit my grandmother, she's not feeling too well) [i was going to visit my grandma alright, but she wasn't sick :p]

P: tahu tak berapa cepat kamu pergi? dah sampai 98km/h (do you know how fast you were travelling? you reached 98km/h) *points at 80km/h speed limit signboard -_-"

M: Kan kat belakang 100km/h? (I was on the phone, so I didn't notice any camera and wasn't aware of actually how fast I was going -_-)

P: Tak... semua lapan puluh (no.. all eighty). Sekarang bagaimana? Bagi saman? (What should I do? Issue you a summons?)

M: Hmm... tak mau lah... tapi saya tak mau bayar duit pun (No I don't want any, but I will not pay you any (coffee) money either)

P: Saya tak mau duit... saya orang ikhlas punya (I'm not looking for money also.. I'm a person of integrity)

M: *pondering* tak tau lah... aiya.. apa apa la.. kalau nak bagi saman, bagi lah (no idea... aiya.. anything... if you wish to issue me with summons, just give it to me)

P: Ingat ah.. saya orang ikhlas ..saya tak mau duit.. macam ini lah... kamu bayar untuk kos nak ambil gambar (remember.. I'm a man of integrity, I don't want your money.. like this... you can pay for the cost of taking the picture of the car)

P: tolong tunjukkan lesen (Please show me your license) [OMG where is my UK license when I need it :P]

M: *wondering if they actually really do take pictures of speeding cars* oh... berapa itu? (ohh.. how much is that?)

P: Berapa yang kamu nak (How ever much you wish to contribute)

M: *looks in wallet* ermm.. 20 ringgit boleh? (ermm.. twenty Malaysian ringgit?)

P: Boleh lah (Can)

Hence I took out two crisp red notes, held them up prominently and passed it to him. He put his hand inside the car, returned my driving license, took the notes, and crumpled them up into his closed fist before withdrawing. Only after driving off and thinking through his behaviour when he took the money from me had I realised that I had actually bribed the guy -_-" Man of integrity my foot.


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