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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Olympic rain

I have discovered to my utmost disappointment that the adage about horrible singing making the sky rain is true. How have I come to this opinion? Read on...

I happened to catch the opening ceremony live on tv, eventhough I had a tiring day and had another tiring day in front of me. It was all awesome, how they managed to flood the centre of the stadium, and how they managed to get that statue out from there O_o. The centaur was convincingly life-like, and the people taking part in the parade played their parts so well that it was difficult to tell whether they were live or robots.

After the show, the parade began. It was so confusing when the countries started appearing in the order of the Greek alphabet. Luckily Malaysia was right where it should have been. Parts of it were immensely boring though, and it was interesting to see it being done to the tune of DJ Tiesto's techno tracks. After that, it was time for a performance by Bjork. Don't know why, but I found it... horrible. The best (worst rather) part was that at the beginning of her performance I heard the rumbling of thunder, which was confirmed by the pitter-patter of rain and halfway through, the connection got cut off. Argh!!! I didn't get to see the rest of it :((((( At least I managed to catch the rest of it at Steph's place later on; overall it was okay I guess.


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