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Thursday, July 22, 2004

So tired

Two days ago, I had the dubious honour of driving half a megametre in under 14 hours. Or to be a bit more dramatic, 500 kilometres, give or take a few tens of kilometres. It was conducted under extreme conditions, being that it was done under a questionable mental state for at least half the length; and also through pitch black darkness and rain madness from which you could see at most, 20 metres in front of you. Yes sir, the perilous day trip to Ipoh.

The trip was conducted when I had serious lack of sleep, no thanks to a bout of flu and sore throat which caused me to have a grand total of around 3-4 hours sleep the night before. But there was no turning back, we were all committed to making this trip. After picking up Steph from her place, we had brekkie and started the drive upwards. Somewhere in South Perak, we hit a thick wall of falling water that limited visibility severely; and the car's pathetic wipers didn't help much either. Nevertheless the weather improved nearing Ipoh, and after initially getting lost we met up with Esther.

Then it was off to do what people would do in that city: eattttttttt! And drive around. And get lost in Menglembu (a small town right next to Ipoh best known for its roasted peanuts). And got the opportunity to observe and hear some very, very interesting behaviour. After dinner, we left for the journey home in pitch black darkness, which wasn't as difficult as the journey up, thanks to me being able to catch some winks at Esther's place after the meal of nummy ngai choi kai.


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