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Monday, July 19, 2004

British efficiency

Lo and behold, who could have thought that the British are as efficient as Malaysians? Let me quote the following incidents:
My mobiles. Two cases for this. I requested that both my mobiles were to be unlocked from Vodafone in mid June. For your information, certain phones which are 'network exclusive' can be used for only that network; to get it to be used elsewhere you need to unlock. For a fee. Guess what? I still have not gotten my codes. 

Case one: I requested the guys at the Vodafone store to unlock for me phone #1 a week before I was to go back. Over two weeks later, no news had come so I was forced to make a long distance call. After waiting for over 10 minutes, I finally spoke to the guy at the other end who told me that the assholes in the store did not process my order. Naturally my button got triggered and I had to control myself extremely hard from using profanity. At the end of it though, I bloody ordered him to go ahead with the unlocking, which he said would take one week. Its now been 10 days and no sign (I called back 2 days ago and the stupid person said it would take 14 days. WTF????)

Case 2: My other mobile. Also Vodafone, but under a different company called Singlepoint. No worse company when it comes to after sales support. I requested my unlocking code over a month ago but it never came. I was forced to make a long distance call to them.

Guy: Just a second, I'm taking a look at your order
Me  : Sure
Guy: Can I have your IMEI number please?
Me  : *finds phone and rattles off IMEI number*
Guy: Ahhh, the IMEI number you passed to us was wrong (only one of
          the digits though). That's why we couldn't process your request
Me  : *losing temper* Excuse me, I gave your company my e-mail
          address so that you can notify me of my unlocking code when it was
          obtained. (WHY THE FUCK) Couldn't your company have
         informed me of that problem?
Guy: We're sorry. 
Me  : I don't care. I expect my code within 2 weeks at latest
Guy : This will take *gets cut off* (wanting to say '3 weeks to process')
Me  : I want my code in two weeks. Your company should have fucking
          of such problems. You have my bloody e-mail address, no?
Guy: I cannot guarantee that sir.
Me  : Well I don't care. Your company fucked this up. Put a note down
          along with the order dammit.

Fortunately I have access to another mobile for the time being. I was supposed to have passed it to another friend, who is buying it, last week. I need the stupid codes grrraahhhhh!! No more fucking Vodafone for me anymore. Good thing too, I tend to associate M.U. with Voda.


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