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Sunday, July 11, 2004

No place like home

Most of you would have known by now that I'm back in the phallic-shaped country on the Southeastern Tip of Asia :O Those of you who don't ought to slap yourselves across the face for not being good friends :P Have just only managed to fix my internet connection to my laptop yesterday. I apologize to my avid readers :p

Nothing much new around I suppose, the most notable change being that Subang seems to have attracted cars like ants to honey. It seems to be jammed everywhere during times where I recalled last year there were no jams. If this goes on, I won't be surprised to see the market value drop. Perhaps one of the big colleges could *cough* shift away *cough* and take away some of the traffic *cough*. Also of note is the NPE highway, which I have already used from Subang - Bangsar. Pretty cool and nifty and fast, but mad expensive. Oh well, there is no free lunch.

Haven't really lost my sense of direction yet; still managed to remember the route back from the airport and could remember how to go to Berjaya Times Square. Not bad not bad :p Discovered to my (very slight) joy that Bangi is only 20 minutes away and not an hour as previously thought.

Also my pool skills haven't deteriorated as much as I thought they would have... muahahaha.. :D Also the jet lag didn't affect me as much as I thought it would, I promptly went out until 3am on the day I came back :O However now I think I'm suffering from lack of sleep. Oh dear.

That said, I miss(ed) driving. I miss(ed) pool. I miss(ed) Malaysian food. I miss(ed) lying in my huge comfy bed. I miss her. I do not miss the worsening traffic crawls; and I certainly do not miss the hot stuffy clothe-sticking sweat courtesy of high humidity in sweltering conditions.


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