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Sunday, June 27, 2004

London :D

After a 6 month hiatus from one of THE places to be at, I finally returned. I shall enter in diary mode.

7.45am: Woke up, got ready.
8:30am: Finished preparations. Was mucking around trying to decide between my small bag and my big touristy looking haversack. A check of the weather said it was fine, but after looking outside (I know I know, London is 1 1/2 hours away, but I had a nagging feeling), I decided to go with the haversack, and stuck my GoreTex jacket inside (the small bag is too small), a book, and a bottle of water. Eventhough my fashionable bit screamed murder at the thought of me entering Versace and Prada and the kings of haute couture with the ugly bag. Bleh.
8:45am: Got held up at a traffic light which never seemed to want to turn green (for either me or the cars). Made a sort of run to the train station. A car honked at me, and the driver beckoned at me and opened the door. 'Going to the train station? I saw you running and thought you might need some help'. Gladly climbed in and he drove me down the remaining 500 metres or so
8:52am: Got onto train.
10:30am: Arrived at London Paddington. Proceeded to buy a Tube day pass.
11.00am: Arrived at Hamleys. It was closed. Bah. Only opened at 12. Walked across the road to see if Clarks was open. Closed again. Sheesh. Walked down Regent Street and popped into a couple of stores and came out with a watermelon gelatin. Superb stuff. Took tube to Oxford Circus
11.45am: Reached Selfridges. Long queues for people wanting to buy Gucci. AAAAAAAAaaaahhhhhhhh. :D Spent an hour browsing through the men clothing, and got bored. Weird. Nothing seemed to stir my shopping instinct. Went to the foodhalls to grab some Jelly Belly(-ies) and a carton of coffee soy milk.
1.00pm: Went to grab some sandwiches from Pret. They make the best ever sandwiches, I kid you not. Got myself a crayfish and rocket sandwich.
1.15pm: Back to Selfridges, immersed myself in the technology department and got fascinated with the mirror cum plasma display. Whoa.
1.40pm: Left for Harrods to meet my friend.
2.00pm: Reached Harrods. It was closed!!!!! Aaaarrghhheoifhceowhwejhoifcoiweaufchweio. They were preparing for their sale which begins tomorrow. No Krispy Kremes! Crud. God must be punishing my desire to put on weight with those fried rings of goodness. :'(
Went to Zara. Am impressed with their men's collection. Made mental note to return. But didn't.
2:20pm: We went to Burberry Knightsbridge to take a look. Nothing interesting. Yawn.
2.40pm: Walked down Sloan Street. Entered LV and Versace. Nothing interesting in either. Prada and Hermes were closed. Gucci looked tantalizing but we didn't bother.
3.30pm: Back at Selfridges. Went to technology department. Again.
4.00pm: Friend left to get something. Made way to Clarks Bond St, but was too crowded, so I went to the one at Regent St. Boring designs, and they didn't have the shoes I wanted. One of the assistants even cheekily offered his Nike shoes "which make me fly like Superman, you can have it for only 100 quid" (to quote him anyway). Heh. Quite funny actually :P
4.20pm: Back to Hamleys which was open.
5.30pm: Done at Hamleys. It was raining! :O My intuition paid off :o) Which the masses stayed back unwilling to venture out, I gave a silent laugh and walked out back to Regent St to meet my friend
6.00pm: Off to Chinatown for dinner
6.20pm: Bought some mochi and yam mooncakes. Yes, they're available in June. Only in London.
6.40pm: Had dinner at the 'Crispy Duck' Resturant. Had deep fried sotong (which was a delight, it was crispy outside and utterly soft in the inside. MMMmmmmmm....), duck with lemon sauce, and vegetables with scallops.
8.30pm: Caught the train back.

Overall, it was disappointing I suppose. I guess Swindon took too much out of my pocket. Bleh. Also did not see too many exotic cars as I had hoped. :( Oh well, at least my desktop is running again :P


  • People over there are just so helpful. How I wish that Malaysians were half as polite and helpful as them.
    Hahahahhahha!! No Krispy Kremes~ *evil*
    Look on the bright side, you cut down on alot of fat intake yesterday :P

    So, you went with the big bag after all. I commented in the right place this time! :D

    By Blogger Sue Ong, at Monday, June 28, 2004 5:16:00 am  

  • jing: i thought you persuaded me to go with the small bag? :P

    By Blogger elb, at Monday, June 28, 2004 11:42:00 pm  

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