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Friday, June 25, 2004


:O Who would have believed it if I told them I watched a football match? Me, who am not usually associated with watching the spherical stitched leather ball getting kicked and headed and handled around a field of grass more suited as a prime green lung spot by 22 people? But yes, I watched the England- Portugal match, although from around the 60th minute onwards (more or less thanks to my friend) because I was busy cooking dinner for us and all that.

I thought it was pretty cool overall; the extra time looked extremely exciting, and during the penalties I could feel the disbelief when Beckham missed again, the humour when Cristiano jumped up and down on the penalty spot while trying to flatten it, the ending with Ricardo's save and scoring. Whoah. If more matches get as exciting and tense as this, then just maybe, I may end up watching more. My only major complaint: the ball appears in only two dimensions, so I can't see the ball curve etc :( Although they can't really do anything since tv screens can't deliver depth.

Anyhoo, I've got a firm penalty spot for sale.


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