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Saturday, June 19, 2004


Allow me to ahem, take full advantage of the spare time that I have right now while waiting for my friend to pop by, by ranting a little about the annoyances I've had for the past few days

1) Exams. Everlasting bane of my existance, which is finally over. Wooot! Papers were easier than I had anticipated though, even the hardest one, particle technology. Not only do we need to memorize or derive over 50 equations, but the paper was the last one. I mean, who ever bothers to study for the last paper when you have 4 months worth of holiday tantalizing your senses and mental capacity right after that? Add that to the ungodly timetable, which ran something like Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Friday (the day after), and with the two easier papers in front and the two hardest papers back to back, and its a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

2) Desktop. I was looking forward to having some romps with my desktop after my exams finished, but it just had to fail on me on the penultimate day. arghhh!!! After a few hours of painful diagnostics, me and my friend have almost come to the conclusion that the motherboard has fried itself. There goes £50 to buy a new one *sigh* Not to mention the boredom when I could spend a few hours a day sneaking around in Thief 3 or wrecking cars with my lovely Logitech Momo Wheel in Need For Speed: Underground or rallying as Colin McRae in the 4th installment of the game bearing his name, or killing commies in Battlefield Vietnam. Oh well, London, thy art my salvation.

3) Blogspot. Or more specifically, the support team at blogspot. More on this shortly.....


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