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Monday, June 21, 2004

Concussion prevention

Perhaps the civil engineers in Iraq and the UAE could pick up a few tips and build lamp posts like this:

Ingenious. Now, if a bomb goes off (as it does plenty in Gaza, where the picture is supposedly taken), you don't have to worry anymore about the lamp post crashing down across the street onto your car or onto your cranium.

Instead, the lamp post shouldn't move as it is restrained by the concrete. Unless its not really concrete but a paper mache-look alike (sue the developers for using cheap hollow construction materials!). All you have to worry about is whether the bomb is powerful enough to topple the entire structure in the same manner as the unrestrained lamp post. Other than that, it should give the local residents (US 'infidels' especially!) some peace of mind as they walk along the roads of Baghdad and Riyadh.


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