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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Marvellous Weather

Finally, after a week of gloom and almost persistant rain, the weather outlook has started to get better; the first time I have seen the sun shine in a few days. It wasn't terribly hot when it was out though, I could wear my spring jacket and I didn't feel stuffy. This is how the weather should be everywhere. Didn't feel like summer at all, felt more like mid-spring. Aaaahhhhhh :)

Passed by a milk van earlier. It was clad in faux grass and had tiny cow figurines here and there. Awesome stuff, but it was moving quick and I didn't have time to take a picture :( Also I'm starting to dislike my new shoes. They make me tired after a few minutes. Not good for a day out. Urgh. Am considering returning them :<

On the other hand, one of my mobiles is out. I attempted to unlock it from the pathetic Vodafone network in preparation for my journey home, but it seems to be giving me problems (i.e. no network detected). The stupid idiots who I paid to help me unlock have yet to reply to me. Bastards.


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