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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Shopping! :D

For the first time in over two months I have been able to push my feet and stamina, with a shopping trip to the second nearest city, Swindon. It was almost the perfect start, with wonderful weather not usually found during summer.

Nevertheless, we still ended up missing the train by 3 minutes, due to me being a little bit slow in getting ready and due to the long queue for tickets. Hence we went to pass the half hour till the next train by grabbing a takeaway lunch from KFC. I had a Zinger Tower Burger set. The 'Hot n' Spicy' label lies :( We then reached the city, and proceeded to walk to the outlet centre where we would spend the next five or six hours walking around and buying stuff.

The outlet used to be part of the railway network that was set up by Isambard Brunel in the mid 19th century; its now been converted into 100 stores of shopping haven! The shops at the outlet are arranged in a sort of square, so we did what we usually do at that place; walking around the square and popping into practically every store, check the prey (ahem, goods) out, and only after one round did we start to attack :)

After completing the circling of the prey, I had several items in mind. I shall spare you the boring details; at the end of the day I purchased the following: a new pencil case from Lakeland; a pair of shoes from Clarks; a cardigan for my grandma from Marks&Spencers; cabin luggage from Samsonite; and a 'learn French' CD to kill time. I wanted to grab a Sigg bottle too, but my finances have unexpectedly become tight after my desktop crash :( Also tried to get my mobile unlocked but the lady couldn't because of technical problems on her part.

I wish to take the opportunity to spread the gospel of joy about teas though. At one point I was feeling rather thirsty, and I saw those drink machines at the shop of coffee and tea specialist Whittard. Thinking it was for sale or something, I went in, only to find it was free samples for the instant flavoured teas they were selling. Joy! They had 11 varieties for sale; Malibu (non alcoholic though), blackcurrant & elderflower, and another variety (consisting of a melange of fruits) were available for sampling. Pretty good stuff; I ended up purchasing the lime & lemon and raspberry & cranberry teas while my friend got a blackcurrant & elderflower. I wanted to grab some of the Tia Maria infused coffee beans, but I don't exactly have a grinder and filter.

We then had to leave as the outlet was closing; and had to walk 15 minutes to the train station in the rain :( Upon reaching back after a 20 minute train delay, I got myself a mouth watering chicken kebab from a Turkish shop, then caught the bus home.

This is just the appetizer though ;) London looms in the not-so-distant future *cackles*


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