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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Computers don't like me

I spent a good chunk of yesterday trying to fix my desktop. This is how it looked before i took it apart.

This is how the new mobo looks like.

OOooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh shiny!!

Down to the routine. Remove power supply & cables, remove extension cards, RAM, IDE cables from mobo side, switch cables, then the mobo, then the heatsink and cpu (both of which were given the alcohol treatment to remove the thermal paste).

Did the reverse onto the new mobo. Forgot the thermal paste, but thankfully remembered :P Then had difficulties fitting the mobo onto the insulation platform; after which I realized that was because the back panel didn't fit that well, so I had to hammer it in. Only then did the mobo align perfectly and I screwed it in. After attaching the parts back, I booted it.

Woot!! It worked!!! But I had to install the new mobo, so I borrowed an XP Pro disk. After repairing windows it ran as usual. Then joy oh joy, my CDRW and DVDROM weren't detected in XP. Great. Someone told me it was the atapi.sys that was giving problems. -_- I think I need to do a clean fresh format of my main drive; but I can only do that after I transfer some files out. Bah.


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