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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Move aside Haagen-Dazs

As I was walking along Regent St during my last visit to London, I came across this cafe which stopped me because of the most delicious things that stared out at me from their little frozen world. I looked at the price list. A whooping 2 pounds for the first scoop, which made it even more expensive than Haagen-Dazs, and another pound per subsequent scoop (they do up to 4 scoops if my memory serves me right). Pricey though that may seem (partially because its London after all), looking at the (home made?) ice cream, I'm sure some of you will agree its well worth it:

Look at those swirling ribbons of ice cream and fruit to decorate (and even get to eat, if you ask nicely)! Yummy!

More yummy stuff.

After agonizing for over 5 minutes at which flavour to pick, I chose watermelon. As he scooped it out I was already salivating in anticipation. It came out on a cone slightly melted (which is how ice cream should be)and boy, was it delicious. Ice cream utopia!! Even better than Haagen Dazs!!

Directions to the best ice cream in the world (Edit: Has been identified as Cafe Concerto)

Walk down Regent Street from Oxford Circus Tube Station. Pass Hamleys on the left, and you'll see it shortly thereafter on your right. Its happens to be a sort of restaurant as well. If you approach from Piccadilly Circus you might not be able to see the ice cream (unless you peer backwards every now and then)


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