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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Are you a trekkie

I was browsing around in Swindon just a couple of days ago (basically to return the pair of shoes I didn't like and to take another pair) when I came across a long queue in one of the shopping malls there. People were being admitted one or two at a time into this shop dealing with movie memorabilia. Out of curiousity, I asked the crowd-control people what was the queue about, and one of them pointed out to me the following poster:

I apologize for the lack of clarity in the picture; I did not bring my digicam so I had to MMS a compressed version of the picture taken with my phone to my email.

I have been reliably informed that Max acted in Quantum Leap; no idea about Alice. Alas I wasn't a trekkie fan. Otherwise I would have jumped into the end of the queue. I did toy with the idea of gathering the autographs and selling them off to interested people, but I didn't exactly have anything for them to sign on plus I was rather tired at that point.


  • w00t? no Jean Luc Picard? NOOOOOOOOOO

    You have been ASSIMILATED!!!!!! Resistant if FUTILE!!!

    By Blogger kljs, at Sunday, July 04, 2004 8:56:00 am  

  • Hi, traveller here, if anyone cared to know. I was brought to attention this particular entry. Here's a little background information for anyone who's interested. The actor (Max) is a Ferrengi (a species, correct my spelling) in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (a Trek series). The actress (Alice) is the Borg (a species) Queen in at least one Star Trek movie. She probably starred in a Trek series too. I'm not too sure of that as I'm no Trekkie, I just like the shows. Alice also starred in Children of Dune as the mother of Mua'dibb (correct my spelling and anything else) if memory serves. Max has frequent appearances in Deep Space Nine.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sunday, July 04, 2004 1:46:00 pm  

  • DUH!

    By Blogger kljs, at Tuesday, July 06, 2004 12:44:00 pm  

  • After consulting with a Trekkie friend of mine, I was told that Alice starred only in Star Trek: First Contact as the Borg Queen.

    -- traveller

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, July 07, 2004 11:28:00 am  

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