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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Desa Hartamas' smudge

Those of you here would undoutably have heard of the treble assault/ murder onto law student Darren Kang (I was pretty amazed that a couple of my friends haven't heard of it. How on earth?). The incident happened on the day I returned (or was it the day before?), and the first thought that sunk to my mind was 'die-lah, I always hang around that area.'. In fact my favourite hang-out spot there was a mere 30 metres from the incident.

However, that did not stop me from patronizing the area last Thursday night. The store where the battery occured was, as predictably, closed, no doubt from the fact that most of the employees were detained by the police for investigations, or maybe as a sign of respect (?). Maybe there were less people than usual (I can't even say so for sure since I have not been there for 9 months to begin with!), but in subsequent visits I have made (no less than 5 times since!) I have certainly noticed an increase in visitors as the crowd is trickling back.

One thing that is peeving me however, is how the papers keep mentioning that 'the VIP's son has yet to record statement' 'the VIP's son was there when it happened' et cetera. It makes it sound that as if that guy was implicated in the whole mess, when there is no proof at all (after all, investigations have just started). Are they just picking on him because he happens to be the offspring of another leader-crony? Even so, they should not be practicing the guilty until proven innocent junk.

Another annoying bit are calls for by some people for eateries etc to close by 12pm (or was it 1am?) to prevent 'social disorder' or something along those lines as a result of the murder. Excuse me, but I believe that me catching up with friends at 1am in a public eatery is no public offence. Unless talking and laughing are punishable offenses *eyerolls*.

But anyway, the lessons are: 1) Public displays of affection can be hazardous and fatal. You've heard so many times why they should not be done, and this murder should drive the message home. 2) If people utter unsavoury comments at you, just ignore them. It could just save your life. 3) Bouncers, who should be helping out, instead turn out to deliver the killing blows (probably due to the fact they found it simpler to pick on a single solitary bleeding figure on the floor rather than fight 10 armed employees). Don't ever rely on them for help. 4) Responses like closing eateries at 1am are just plain stupid.


  • WMy dad and I agred that that Darren Kang should did that in the first place . I feel pity for him , not feeling sorry for him as his life just ended like that . *snap finger*

    By Blogger Yung Jie, at Tuesday, July 20, 2004 12:32:00 pm  

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