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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Unseen behemoth

For some weird unknown reason, motorists just somehow fail to see one of the roundabouts at SS15, Subang. When passing by early in the morning (like 1am), it is not very surprising to see a car smack in the middle of the roundabout, or half dangling out into the road; either freshly embedded or in the process of getting towed out. During the day, it is not uncommon to see accident marks around the roundabout, usually dented or missing fences and rubble where a protective layer of concrete used to guard the greenery of the roundabout.

How is this possible? Well, I'm dumbfounded. Granted, all four roads leading to the roundabout happen to be long straight roads, perfect for people who like to speed. Then again, warning lines are painted onto the road, and there are reflective signs and poles. Could it be because the cars are too fast? Nonsense, I've seen miserly Proton Sagas and Kancils end up in the middle of the roundabout. Could it be because the cars fail to brake in time? Possibly. Some of the cars (i.e. Hondas) land fully inside the roundabout, managing to crush through the 15 inches or so of concrete surrounding it (and a metal fence, if I remember).

In this case, I think the source of the problem is simple: drunk/ sleepy drivers who speed along the road leading to the roundabout, and not realising the huge-ass roundabout is actually there until its too late.

The roundabout in question happens to be the one at the Darus Salam side of SS15; which connects SS18 and SS15 and SS14 together.


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