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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Low Yat sucks

Over the weekend my mum made for me a request: to help to upgrade my brother's computer. It was 2 months old, and had came out surviving an electricity surge (silly fella should have switched the damn thing off during lightning) and overheating (of course some parts had to be changed). My brother had complained about it, and upon closer inspection, I could see why: it was using a pathetic ATi Radeon 9200 and the casing was quite frankly, bullcrap.

I had planned the day as follows: pick up Stephanie, drop by at Low Yat for an hour or so, then go back to my place and enjoy a quiet evening with her and send her home after dinner.

After reaching Starhill we had some sushi at Sushi King. There's an unagi (eel) promotion going on at the moment. After that she left to get something while I went upstairs to get the items. After discussing with the worker at one of the shops for around 10 minutes, I decided to change three parts: the processor (from P4 3.0C to P4 2.8E), the graphic card (to 9600Pro) and the casing (to a well ventilated, screw-free one). I requested them to set up the system for me. The guy had promised me it would take 30 minutes tops. Horrible horrible mistake.

We ended up waiting for over 2 hours while the guy kept spewing excuses. Bah. Both of us were extremely annoyed cause what was supposed to be a nice quiet day with each other had turned into a nightmare -_-". On top of that my mother kept annoying me by calling and repeated asking me how long the stupid computer would take. We finally reached my place almost 5 hours after I had picked her up, and cooked dinner. Joy oh joy, the DVD '50 First Dates' we had bought was not working. So we ended watching a bit of 'I, Robot'. However we were not really in the mood to watch a 'serious' movie and decided to call it a day.


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