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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Moving on

How many of us have found it difficult to let go and move on in life? It can be from anything, as long as it has some value emotionally. It can range from moving on from a former job to changing careers to letting go of that latest gadget because you realised you couldn't afford more basic human needs to moving from old relationships.

It is human nature to want to stick with the familiar, knowing that we are on 'secure ground', no matter how hurtful that past was; all because it was something you went through and because we had invested financially/ physically/ emotionally/ mentally. Whereas the future can be so uncertain, we're walking on unfamiliar territory. Hence why people run back to the past.

But the past is the past. It no longer guarantees anything. It probably never ever did anyway. The future, on the other hand, has so much to offer. God cannot bless us with something better until we have let go of the old.

Don't shackle yourself to the chains of the past. The past is over; it is the present and the future which matters. Take the leap of faith. And believe.


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