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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Coconut shake?

I was at an eatery somewhere in PJ a couple of days ago, having my late night supper with another friend of mine. The guy passed to us the menus, and I felt like having something fancy, instead of the usual ice lemon tea/ 'teh tarik' (literally, 'pulled tea'). I looked at the drinks list, which listed a few shakes. Amongst them were chocolate, cappucino, vanilla, soursop... bla bla bla

My eyes then rested itself on the words 'coconut shake'. I immediately found myself drooling, thinking of the delicious pandan (screwpine) coconut that I had the previous evening. Hence I ordered for myself one coconut shake.

Minutes later, the ice blended coconut arrived. I stirred it around a little with the straw and began to sip. Instead of the cool sweet fragrant taste I was expecting, my tongue was hit by the thick, creamy taste of coconut milk. My mind struggled for a second to this unexpected taste. I was deceived! Instead of using real proper coconut juice to make the shake, they had taken the cheater way out and used some santan (coconut milk) to make the shake. Bahhh!! Horrible and fattening. They should rename the stupid thing 'coconut milk shake'.


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