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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Shangri- La lalala

  • Tom
  • Jerry

    On the night of the 8th of August 2004, Tom and Jerry went to celebrate a special occasion. It was decided earlier that the mysterious event would be held at the Shangri-La hotel. (Whee~ So excited!) Thus after much negotiation of traffic along Jalan Pudu and Jalan Sultan Ismail, we pulled up in front of the lobby.

    I was told (excuse me, asked) to dress nicely. So I used this white dress which I bought from SgWang and matched it with a white handbag from Morgan . (And she looked so sweet.) As we walked into the lobby, we’re starving caz we didn’t had much food the whole day so that we could eat as much as possible during the dinner. As usual, I was thinking about the desserts all the time. Yum.. yum..

    We looked around and walked around a little bit confused at first. Then we found it: the signboard ‘Lemon Garden’. Just outside it, we glanced at a newspaper article that was talking about a ‘chocolate fountain’ or something. Hmmm…. We went in and got our reserved table, and Jerry ordered herself a glass of orange juice.

    The orange juice cost RM22… -_- Hmm… I saw the dessert section but we went to the Chinese food section first. Chinese food like: dim sum, Chinese dishes( about 5 of them) and some Chinese desserts (egg tart, popia and some other things). Heh.. and there’s also Tom’s favourite: marinated baby octopus. (It wasn’t that good though…) Followed by the Indian food section, Malay food, French food, Japanese food, Seafood and lastly my favorite: Dessert section. I saw the chocolate fountain!!!!!!!! And there are strawberries!!! So after glancing thought all the food, we started at the Chinese food section and eat like pigs. (LMAO.)

    We ended up sampling a little bit of everything. The beef and mutton and garlic bread turned up especially good; the cod was a little bit disappointing. We tried raw oysters, and only cause it was all paid for. It tasted weird, and I remembered why I don’t really dig oysters to begin with, raw or otherwise. Jerry found it nice and disgusting at the same time. (Huh? haha… It was nice yet not nice)

    Finally, we reach the heavenly section: dessert. I was craving for the chocolate dip strawberries and those little cute cups of various flavored puddings. It was AWESOME. I wish that I could take that chocolate fountain back home. Oh, not to forget about the cute and yummy sushi. But they only serve 4 kinds of sushi there.. Ahh.. good thing is that, there’s lots of sashimi like salmon, tuna and much more. Take all you want, eat all you can! Ngam Ngam Ngam!!~~ (Hmmm? You also hardly ate any of it to begin with :P ) ( I ate!! a lot.. just not the sashimi :P)

    We spent a few hours in total, just enjoying ourselves eating and in the company of each other. Ahh.. J There’s few things better than to spend such a wonderful evening with your loved one. Muaks~ I eat till I almost puke -_- but it was a wonderful dinner :D

  • **Posted by Tom and Jerry with affection**


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