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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Nitro Design @ Rush

Did anyone attend the opening of the Rush Naughty Ladies Night at the Eastin Hotel yesterday? I did, after some cajoling by one of my friends who was helping out with the airbrushed car display that was held in conjunction with the event.

It was an okay event I suppose, but not exactly what I was expecting. I was thinking an open air car display with lots of space in between the cars, but the cars that were there were crammed quite close together. Amongst other cars that were included are the Evo Lancer, GTO, Wira, Satria, Civic and Perdana. There was supposed to be a Skyline as well but it was lowered too much that it couldn't come down the ramp.

The SPCA was there as well, asking people to sign a petition asking for heavier punishment for owners who abuse their pets. In short, animal rights. We signed it and gave a small donation to aid them. Then it was onto the club.

Nothing much to speak about the club, it was divided into two areas. One had the ladies bar and a few sets of tables and comfortable chairs. The other had the main bar and most of the standing up tables, as well as a live band, whose singer had a raspy voice that made it difficult to hear what he was singing. Two plasma TVs provided live views of the band for those in the outside part of the bar who wanted to see the action as well.

After finding a table, we ordered ourselves some drinks and chit-chatted while I took in the atmosphere (nothing much to shout about, just dimness, headache-pounding bass, and some older people in the mix of young people). After a while there we walked out and met the other friend (the one who invited me), and I noticed some of the cars were missing, to be replaced with a Maserati and a Mercedes. He explained that there was almost a fight after one of the cars on display had ejected fire out of the exhaust which got the management and bouncers into a not-so-nice mood. Pity I wasn't there to see that. Couldn't even hear the shouting eventhough we were near the door because of the loud speakers. Ah well. I had to drive home very carefully as I was a bit drunk (apparently I was walking in a not-so-straight line, whoops.)


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