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Friday, September 03, 2004


A|X. Supposedly one of the hottest fashion brands around at the moment. The first time when I saw some youths wandering around with the words 'Armani Exchange' emblazed on their t-shirts, I went 'Hmmmm...' because prior to that I had never heard of that particular line by Giorgio Armani (I was more familiar with the Emporio and Giorgio Armani lines).

Hence after doing brief research, I had discovered that it was indeed created by GA. I had completely forgotten about it until one day I went shopping at Lot 10 with Steph, and I saw the two letters 'A|X' staring down at me. Pulled her up and went to take a look at the stuff there. Rm170 for a t-shirt, which is cheap for designer (in fact its comparable price-wise with FCUK), but certainly more expensive than your everyday clothing. I suppose GA wanted to make some of his stuff more affordable.

One thing I must point out is that some of the t-shirts are pretty thin and look dirty when one is wearing them. Grabbed one of them with Steph's help (my mum went 'fuahhh so nice' when she saw it ;) at least until she found out the price heh), and just recently added another which I bought during the Merdeka Sale.


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