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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

KL's pedestrians

Walking across Jalan Imbi in KL yesterday via the monorail station from Berjaya Times Square, I couldn't help but notice two things: firstly, the traffic policeman on his huge bike which ironically, was stuck in between the cars because he could not manoeuvre his way between them. Mainly because motorists had conviniently added an extra lane or two to the road.

The other thing that I've been noticing for quite a while already and find most annoying are the pedestrians. They simply love to jaywalk themselves across the road. Extremely dangerous when you have to cross 4 lanes, then somehow acrobatically squeeze yourself through the small gap between the fencing and the monorail pillars, then dodging cars. Some of them even climb across the metal fencing, which is a very stupid thing to do, should they lose their balance and fall down onto the road to get their heads squished by an approaching car. Then they would stroll casually across the road, lifting an open hands with palm facing towards you (a gesture of thanks or 'ehhhh! stop your car lah, can't you see that I'm crossing', I don't bloody know. Perhaps both). Some of them even stand in the middle of the busy road!

This is bloody very dangerous. Drivers already have their heads full managing with cars surrounding them and swapping lanes at the busy junction at the beginning of Jalan Sultan Ismail, and now we have endless pedestrians stupidly thinking that just cause they feel like jaywalking, they can because the cars won't hit them. Don't be surprised if one day, you'll see the headlines 'Eight people killed and seven others critical' after a frustrated or an unable to cope driver ploughs through a bunch of these idiots in the middle of the road. Walk down a bit and use the monorail station to cross over!!!!!!!


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