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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Plate hunting

How do people pass time on a long tiring journey with their mum in between talking about God, family, life, relationships and the like? One such way would to be car registration plate hunting. I know some of you think that its wacky, but Penang (a small tiny island) offers some of the best car plates ever. Amongst those spotted were: PEW, PAW, PAM, PEE, PGA, PEA.

But somehow I never spotted the best plate of them all: PAT. Some day, I'm going to hunt that plate down, and get the number 777 to boot. PAT 777 as my car number plate. Awesome. Or maybe PEE 777 (those of you know who know me well enough should know what that is really referring to :P [no, NOT urine, but I don't mind. Whatever you think :p ])


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