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Monday, October 11, 2004

Jogging shoes

Having recently acquired a penchant for jogging and looking into carrying it into the long term, I decided to invest in a good pair of jogging shoes. The destination was a store called 'Running: Bath'.

Upon entering the store, which is run by brothers, I asked for assitance with helping me choose a pair of shoes.

Sure thing, one of them said, how is your running like?
Cue blur look.
Oh that's alright, we'll take a look downstairs. Follow me.

I was then made to jog down the room, with the intention of striking a foot on a pressure plate from which measurements were made. This took several tries to do successfully, and was repeated again with the other foot. I was then told that my feet tended to 'roll inwards' towards the toes and that 70% of the population did that. On to the shoes.

I was given no less than 10 pairs of specially made shoes to try on. One pair at a time I slipped them on and jogged for 20 metres, testing them for comfort. Eventually I managed to narrow down the selection to 4 pairs (while enduring curious old ladies who peeped inside the store and commented 'That's a lot of shoes over there'), and the next day I managed to come out with one pair: Asics Gel Kayano, which successfully managed to burn a triple digit (in £s) deficit into my bank account. Its supposed to be the best technical shoe there is anyway.

Next thing: to join a gym. Trying to find something cheaper than £20 a month and is located conveniently. Jogging sure is one expensive thing.

p.s. Pictures later, still haven't gotten my personal connection up yet, plus I might be too lazy to upload anyway.


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