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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Got the time?

*Teet teet... teet teet*

Ummmmfff.... *hand reaches out to the alarm clock perched on the radiator*

Click. *Grunt and returns to dreamland*

5 minutes later: *Teet teet... teet teet*

Bah. *Hand goes up again*

*Metallic sound as alarm somehow manages to fall to the back of the radiator*

Bloody.... *instantly wide awake*

No amount of cajoling using ruler or newspaper or magazine or belt worked, as they barely reached the top of the clock. It was lodged tight in the middle of the radiator directly against the permanent mounting.

Went to the High Street to get a new alarm clock. Wanted to buy one of those cool LED pendulum clocks which moved so fast, it gives the impression that the time was appearing in mid air. 35GBP though. And too bulky for travelling, so I settled for a normal alarm clock (which I made sure was big enough not to fall down the stupid radiator) which cost a much cheaper 10 GBP. Not that much more expensive from my old alarm (which I paid Rm60 for, its a good one)

So there it is, the end of my faithful Citizen alarm clock, doomed to a lonely existance of ticking away in the darkness. At least until my landlord services the radiator.

Useless tidbit of information: Ever noticed that brand new clocks or watches on display are set to the time of roughly 10.10? Ever wondered why? This is because that the hands give the impression of a smile; i.e. the timepiece is beckoning to the user to buy it.


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