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Thursday, December 02, 2004

German nostalgia

After gym earlier, I decided to pop by the supermarket for a short while. My route from the gym involves cutting across the abbey courtyard, and while I was approaching there, I noticed some heavy activity. Upon turning the corner, lo and behold, the Christmas market!

When I think of the Christmas market, I instantly flash back to last year in Germany, where I experienced the Christmas market at three major cities. I looked for the food stalls immediately; craving for some German fast food (read: bratwürst) especially since I was hungry after a workout session.

One or two of the food stalls were closed unfortunately; however one or two were still going strong. The signage was instantly familiar: German words! Glühwein! Frankfürter! Goulash! I bent to the will of my stomach and queued up.

"One hot dog and some mulled wein, please."
"Five pounds please"
In Germany, I would have said "Ein bratwürst und glühwein, bitte.", and the propertier of the stall would have responded with "Vier (that's four for those of you who are feeling blur) Euro". Yup, it cost me around four Euroes for the lot in Germany. And I'm paying what, twice the Euroes for the same priviledge here. Ow.

I was served the food and drink, and I sipped some of the mulled wine.

Never mind that everyone around me spoke English and the mustard was English not German and it was a frankfurter instead of a genuine bratwürst.

For an instant, I was back in München, standing in front of a wooden stall at the side of a straße and sipping glühwein and muching on a bratwürst. Mmmmm....


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