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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Stuff like this can really freak me out at times:


'I was thinking about the research project, and I was wondering if I could apply chaos theory to the problem...'

'Oh! Did you just get my e-mail?'

'E-mail? I haven't checked my e-mail since early this morning'

'Are you sure? I just sent the e-mail like 5 minutes ago...*silence for a second followed by a nervous grin* this is kind of freaking me out!'

'Well, umm, I've been thinking about the chaos theory bit for over a week now, was just waiting until I was free enough to drop by... I just had a couple of lectures before this'

Brrrr.... its like almost as if it was telepathy, between supervisor and the student; i.e. when he was typing his mail, I decided to walk over to his office to talk to him about it.


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