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Sunday, January 02, 2005

God's fault?

I'll wager that when ever a disaster strikes, the first thing on most people's minds would be: 'Oh my God. Why did you allow that to happen? Why are you being so cruel?'

Too often people get caught up in the heat, the emotions that flow for that moment, like if they know that their loved ones are in the region and especially if they have been affected. Or maybe merely the thought that God could have allowed tragedy to strike. Is this fair at all? Maybe not.

Until you think about the fact that the most of the world has no longer made God welcome anymore. People are driving out God from their lives, from their homes. A Christmas programme was aired here on Christmas Eve debunking Christmas. If the same were done in Malaysia (or any Muslim country) debunking Ramadan, woe betide.

Until you think about the fact that people tell God 'We don't want you. We don't need your blessing. We can do everything ourselves. You're no longer needed.' Or to quote a scientist: 'We should not let a divine footprint beyond our doors'

Simply put, if you make God absolutely unwelcome, then don't blame God if any disaster hits you, or anyone for that matter.


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