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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Premium chicken

For me, chicken breast isn't exactly my favourite part of a chicken. Its tough and all, eventhough its supposed to be all nice and healthy for you. To top it off, its expensive here, which is why I hardly ever buy it.

My perception has changed however. A few days before Christmas, I was stocking up Christmas food supplies when I chanced across their chicken breast, sold at a discount. I decided, what the heck, I'll have one. It had 4 pieces of chicken breast which weighed around 500g and cost me 4.00 GBP (discounted from 6.50) , which is around the normal price for normal chicken breasts at the normal supermarkets

I had one piece diced and cooked with my noodles a few days later (I froze it in the meantime, mind you) and when I bit into a cube, I was surpised. The meat just came part so easily. It was easily as enjoyable as eating a drumstick. I thought that it was a fluke until I had a stir fry the other day with another piece. The meat again was so tender that it was as if a warm knife was tearing through butter when I bit into it.

Now I know why places like Waitrose and M&S sell their chicken breast at a premium.


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