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Saturday, January 15, 2005

The over enthusiastic Italian

Another stop was made at another clothes store along Oxford Street. Here I was assisted by a very quirky and enthusiastic Italian chap by the name of Mario. Mario had named amongst his credentials as working for Dolce & Gabbana before in Milano (Italian 101: Milano is Italian for Milan), although I didn't bother to enquire much about what exactly he did there.

Never the less his enthusiasm for dressing people up nicely went a bit too far when he knocked on the cubicle I was in, asked 'Are you okay?' and proceeded to open the door when my pants were halfway down.

I suppose it wasn't as bad as the poor Japanese girl in another cubicle nearby when he was knocking on her door and asking 'Are you alright? Can I take a look? I can advise you'. The poor girl must have been feeling terrified, especially when his next comments included 'It is alright, don't worry, we have no hidden camera.' I promptly whispered to him some words of advise on Asian etiquette when I was out of the cubicle. Turned out he didn't realize that Asians (especially the women!) weren't as open-minded as Europeans when it came to these matters. Poor chap, he was only trying to help.

But he was good alright, he picked out for me a long sleeved shirt which I liked so much that I decided to buy it right away, and a pair of black pants which I think I will return (I'm in more urgent need of a pair of blue denims). Sucky thing was that the shirt did more damage than expected due to pranksters playing around with the price tags. But I look good in it, so ya.


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