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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Forman smoked salmon

While I was browsing through the foodhalls of Selfridges, an old lady suddenly asked me:
"Do you like smoked salmon?"
*cue befuddled look* "Ummm..."
*lifts up packet of smoked salmon* "They're going for only 5GBP a packet now... over there *points to counter*"
"Oh... thanks for telling me!"

I helped myself to a packet of the hot smoked salmon:

A closer look at the otherwise shocking price tag:

Me and my housemates finished all of it later that night (we had to, there was a reason it was discounted so heavily!). It was delicious, as expected from smoked salmon that is frequently served to customers at 3-star Michelin restaurants. I just wish that it was cold smoked salmon instead :(

Added: The packet weighed 400g. Price comparisons might be made later.


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