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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Research = No life

This sucks.

Spending my time, from 10am up till 6.30pm, and even up to 8.30pm in the labs every single damn day, running all kinds of experiments from slurry preparation to pattern formation to viscosity measurements to particle sizing. Hardly any time to do any sort of analysis of the results I had obtained

And to think that I would be spending those kind of hours in the lab should I wish to pursue a PhD. Madness. A MSc would be more than sufficient, in my view now.

Unlike a friend of mine, she spends her time from 8.00am till 8.30am most days (it goes up to 11pm as well) in the department, researching the filtration of tea (don't laugh, the instant/ prepackaged tea industry is worth billions). She does this to try to reduce the length of her PhD to three years (her grant is for that length of time). Its fine I suppose, if you're interested in it (its surprising how time flies when you're doing stuff you enjoy). But she has no real interest in chemical engineering, preferring instead the more livelier (literally!) field of biochemical engineering.

But is the 'no life' as a result worth it? I don't exactly think so.


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