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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Leaking radiator

Joy oh joy, I have been noticing for the past few days that the carpet immediately around one of the radiators has been slightly soggy. I paid no heed initially, because I just assumed that it was caused by water running down as some of my clothes were drying on the radiator (plus, I had just shifted my bed from adjacent to that particular radiator to another part of my room, so I was not sure if the dripping was supposed to happen)

It got bad earlier today as I discovered that the radiator was leaking, hence the first thing I did was to turn it off. Over 12 hours later, it still is dripping water; unfortunately the leak appears to be below the valve :( I have rigged a crude collection system where the water leaked is directed into a pail via a cloth tied to where the leak is. However, parts of the carpeting are still soggy and the floorboards have contorted themselves, and a fraction of the water is still seeping into the carpet.

To remove the damn water, I have to use another cloth to soak up the water, and wring it dry at my sink. It would have been nice and easy (well damnit, I shouldn't even have this happening!) if not for one thing - the water is a disgusting brown-grey colour. The normal beige of my sink is turning gray because of whatever disgusting contaminants that is present.

And to top it off, the pail needs emptying every 3-4 hours otherwise it overflows. There goes my sleep. Where is my landlord argh!


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