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Friday, March 25, 2005

Malaysian food!!

I have been stuffing myself a bit the past few days with some yummy Malaysian food. Actually, more like food in general; I think I spent over 60GBP on food since Tuesday. Criky.

First up was nasi goreng, taken away from Penang Village at Manchester's Chinatown. Plenty of authentic Malaysian food here! Run by a Hokkien uncle who hails from Penang. It came with two beef satay (omg omg omg :D) sticks, which weren't mentioned in the menu, so that was a very nice touch. Tasted very very good eventhough it was microwaved cause it was cold by the time I got back to my friend's place. Better than the mamak stalls! 7GBP, if I remember correctly.

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The other two meals were purchased from C&R, one of a couple of Malaysian restaurants in London's Chinatown. Very very busy and popular place, had to wait to find a table. I missed char kway teow much, so I decided to get a serving. Yummy stuff, but came without cockles. Nevertheless yummy! Nasi lemak was taken away and I ate it on the train on my way back, but I was a bit disappointed (maybe because it was cold, plus the CKT was still partially digested) with it. Oh well.

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