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Friday, April 08, 2005

Paintball 3/5

Lunch break: Most of us bought and had the barbecue provided for at that place; the rest of us just brought along our own food. Bought a couple of smoke bombs for the next scenario:

Marshal's comment earlier before the second scene: We have some hardcore people here! *referring to the fact that the group of us had battlepacks* Wahahaha!!

Scene 4: Castle

One team defends a two storey castle. Headshots against those on the upper floor of the castle count as a kill. The defending team is not allowed to leave until three minutes have passed; by that time it would be suicidal. Attacking team has to raise the flag inside the castle to win. Plenty of pockets of mud throughout.

Round 1: Blue defends.
Defended a rear corner of the castle. Attacking team was swarming all around us. Much mayhem but difficult to penetrate the castle. One teammate ran out after a few minutes and got killed instantly. Enemy attacked with smoke grenade halfway through, but we only had a weak purple smoke that stank of sulphur. Took quite a few headshots, including one which bloody hit the weak point of my helmet and left my right ear temporarily deaf and with some bleeding. Shite. Not easy defending 360 degrees! Stupid cheaters as well; they clearly got shot but did not admit it. Goons!

Round 2: Blue attacks.
Some of us moved along the sides to surround the castle. I took part in a frontal assault; however while diving to hide myself my canister flew open and I wasted some time reclaiming paintballs while the marshal was shouting at us to move forward. Managed to crawl forward and dart from cover to cover, dodging resistance and pinning the enemy.

*Checking all around* Nobody... crawl crawl crawl forward slowly

Suddenly: *Whack whack whack* paintballs all on my thighs. Shite! I could have sworn there was nobody at all. Argh!! My suckiest round of the day. Didn't even know if it was the enemy or friendly fire.

Score: Yellow leads by one.


  • Hahahah should let those CS fanatics play this wargame instead of sitting in front of the monitor go "1337 h4x0r pwn3d !!111!!111!!" 

    Posted by YungJie

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, April 09, 2005 12:54:00 am  

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